Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Hole

This year the shanty will have a trap door. In a traditional dark house this is used to fish through. In this house it will be used to access the ice and a hole in it. There is not a great possibility of fishing. When I was a kid in Connecticut I fished once. Down by this old mill pond. I used tinfoil for bait on the hook. As stood there on this small bridge looking down I thought about what I was doing. All be it from a child's perspective. I imagined what would draw me to something hanging from the sky. A 20 dollar bill or a candy bar. As people are not know to just catch things with their mouths, it would be something that I would have to grab with my hand. As the vision played out in my head, I saw myself walking and coming across the 20 dollar bill floating in the air. I would reach up and take a hold of it. And whoosh I would be pulled up into the heavens. Away from my family and friends with no explanation or trace. Looking down at the pond fish circling the tinfoil I pulled the hook out of the water. I was never going to fish again.
This hole could be used to reach down below the ice to any number of things. A video camera would be the most likely contestant. The hole also gives access to the surface of the ice which will keep things cold. Like beer, frozen food. One idea was to have a sled that would slide under the shanty and fit under the hole. Groceries could swapped out from the shore.

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